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Enterprise name: Nantong Rong Ming Checking Fixture Co., Ltd.

Contact: Lu Chunrong

Phone: 0513-81733686


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Fax: 0513-81733686

Address: 22 groups of Peach Village, Chengnan street, Rugao, Nantong.

HR Specialist

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HR Specialist

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Post duties

1, to assist the higher authorities to establish and improve the company recruitment, training, wages, insurance, welfare, performance appraisal and other human resources system construction;

2, establish and maintain personnel files, handle and update labor contracts;

3, implement the operation process of human resources management practices and the implementation of various rules and regulations, cooperate with other business departments;

4. Collect relevant personnel policies and regulations related to labor and employment.

5, implement recruitment process, coordinate and handle staff recruitment, entry, departure, transfer, promotion and other procedures;

6, cooperate to develop new employee induction training, business training, implementation training plan, contact organization external training and training effect tracking and feedback;

7, responsible for staff salary settlement and annual payroll declaration, for the corresponding social insurance;

8, help to establish employee relations, coordinate the relationship between staff and management, and organize staff activities.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above;

2. More than one year's work experience in human resources;

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    Contact: Lu Chunrong

    Phone: 0513-81733686


    Web site:

    Address: 22 groups of Peach Village, Chengnan street, Rugao, Nantong.

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