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Building a powerful automobile industry should be taken from inspection tools

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Building a powerful automobile industry should be taken from inspection tools

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In 2017, China's automobile production and marketing reached more than 2900 vehicles, and it was only one step away from the 30 million major points. Unfortunately, despite the unprecedented progress in the automotive industry, technical level, design level and other skills in recent years, it is still not known as a world automobile power.

In May 2015, China issued the plan of "China made 2025", and made clear the goal of becoming a powerful country. In August 2016, it issued the "standardization of equipment manufacturing industry and quality improvement plan", and put forward that the standard system of industrial base, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing in 2020 was basically finished, quality safety standard and international standard. In April 24, 2017, the State Council approved the approval of the "Chinese brand day" again, and agreed to set up the "Chinese brand day" in May 10th every year since 2017, and put forward the determination to build the car brand in China.

But if you want to do good work, you must first take advantage of it. How to implement the effective implementation of the above policy, the quality is a key key card, and the inspection tool is an indispensable testing tool for quality control. In the automobile industry, the automobile inspection tool has opened its glorious life.

Car inspection is the protection of the quality of the car

"The premise of good design is to have correct checking tools. Vehicle inspection tools have always been regarded as the protectors of automobile quality." In an exclusive interview with the China automobile newspaper reporter, Liao Dalan, an engineer of the measurement technology center of FAW Volkswagen Co., Ltd., with more than 40 years' experience in the inspection tool industry, pointed out that in order to realize the dream of China's automobile manufacturing power, automobile inspection is an indispensable test for auto parts and whole car assembly and production line. Equipment and tools.

Liao Dalan introduced that the automobile inspection tool is the general name of the special measuring tool used for the inspection of automobile products. It is used to detect and provide measurement data by various measuring means. It is used to determine the functional dimensions of auto parts, the lap and matching precision of automobile components, which is equivalent to the third party certification of automobile parts and vehicle manufacturers. Tools.

"Through the control of the precision of the product, it can eliminate the matching and lap problems that the product parts may exist in the debugging stage, and improve the structure and appearance performance of the product. At present, the parts with complex shape and high importance in the product development are almost all needed to develop the inspection tools. This is also the embodiment of the automobile intelligent manufacturing. Performance. " Liao Dalan explained that the rapid development of modern industry, the efficiency of automobile production line operation is increasing, now, in the vehicle assembly line, an average of 8 minutes can be installed a complete vehicle. There are thousands of parts in a car. If there are problems with one or two parts, it will probably lead to the failure of the whole car assembly. Therefore, to ensure that each component is fully up to standard at the beginning of the pipeline, it is necessary to have a fixture.

Dongfeng Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. technical center expert Jiang Qi also believes that the automobile components in the whole vehicle installation process using the corresponding inspection tools to carry out comparison, after testing qualified into the next production link, to ensure the whole assembly line, to solve the precise matching of auto parts.

"Especially after the introduction of inspection tools, it can help to realize the production of standardized parts, greatly improve production efficiency, greatly reduce the cost of automobile production, and really play the role of reducing the cost and increasing efficiency." Jiang Qi explains that due to the high automation of the automobile production process, the precision of the parts and the consistency between each other is very high. Usually, the body part of a car consists of more than 3000 pieces of sheet metal structure and more than 500 pieces of interior and exterior accessories, with the high automation and complex shape of the automobile body. The accuracy of the parts is quite high. Any size errors will paralyze the entire automobile production line. Therefore, the fixture has become an indispensable testing equipment and tool for automobile parts and vehicle assembly line.

Vehicle inspection industry is very available

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a foot. With the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile industry, the demand for the automobile products is becoming more and more high. The match of the appearance quality and internal structure of the automobile has become the focus of the manufacturers. At the same time, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, automobile manufacturers are aware of the need to reduce production costs, shorten the development cycle, improve product quality, and increase product variety to meet the market demand, which has brought great market potential for the automobile inspection industry.


In an interview with China automobile newspaper, Bao Yongding, senior engineer of the technology center of SAIC General Co., Ltd., said that in the background of the upgrading of the vehicle update, the demand for intelligent manufacturing and the effect of reducing the cost, the vehicle inspection tool has become an important support force in the automobile manufacturing industry. The data statistics have reached 2021. The market demand for vehicle inspection industry in China is expected to reach 12 billion 300 million yuan.

In recent years, in the car market profit driven and the "automobile industry development policy" encouraged by the domestic auto brand development rapidly, there are a number of domestic auto brands. At the same time, domestic automobile enterprises pay more attention to the cultivation and improvement of technology development ability, and the competition with foreign automobile brands is increasing, resulting in a sharp reduction in the cycle of auto style and technology improvement and innovation in the market.

At present, there are many brands of automobiles in China. Each brand will probably introduce many new models and modified models in one year. According to relevant statistics, in the domestic market in the last five years, an average of about 150 new models are introduced each year. With the annual change and vertical replacement models, nearly 500 new cars are introduced each year; and since the second policy is fully liberalized, many auto manufacturers will look to "7" (SUV, MPV), family carts and other cars. From this, it can be seen that the speed of vehicle renewal and replacement is also speeding up with the change of consumers' demand. These all provide a good space for the development of the inspection tool industry in China, and to a certain extent, force the overall technical level and production efficiency of the domestic automobile inspection and control industry.

"With the development of the automobile industry in China and the increasing demand for the quality control of the automobile, the automobile inspection tool as the 'protection god' of the automobile has become an essential input for the automobile manufacturers." Bao Yongding said.

Building a powerful automobile industry should be taken from inspection tools

It is worth noting that in such a key market role, China's automobile inspection tools started late.

"In the early years, we could only rely on imports and introduce a set of vehicle inspection tools, which is very costly, especially for some high-end car brand inspection tools." Liao Dalan said that vehicle inspection tools were first used in Germany, and then widely used by automobile manufacturers in Italy, but in China, they developed relatively late.

China's inspection tool industry started in 2000, with a low starting point and late start. At the industry level, there has not yet been a unified industry regulation system and industry standard. In addition, because the inspection industry is still a new industry, its technical level, management level, talent, experience and other aspects of the international advanced enterprises have a certain gap. In particular, the designer in the inspection tool industry is scarce, the personnel training cycle of the inspection equipment is generally 2-3 years, and the senior talents need 3-8 years training. Therefore, the development design and innovation ability of many enterprises in the industry are weak and the design talents are lacking.

"Automobile inspection equipment plays an important role in the whole process of automobile production, we must pay attention to and accelerate the development and application of automobile inspection tools, and fundamentally guarantee the construction of China's automobile industry." In Liao Dalan's view, the development of the automobile manufacturing industry in China can not be separated from the transformation and upgrading with the core of intelligent manufacturing. And how to grasp the application and development of automobile inspection tools is the key to automatization, intellectualization and integration of our automobile manufacturing industry in the future.

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