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Design and manufacture of stamping tool

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Design and manufacture of stamping tool

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Figure 1 shows a large processing part of a large processing difficulty. It is made by stamping of 1.2mm's coated cold rolled steel plate. Its forming process involves the processes of blanking, pressing, stretching, shaping, punching and cutting. Because the geometric shape of the product is more complex and the matching precision is high in welding and its corresponding fitting, the size of the aperture, the distance of Kong Xin and the size of the product are higher. Therefore, a set of comprehensive inspection tools which conforms to the P.C.M diagram of the product must be designed to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the product after the molding.


Design of 1. checker

Figure 2 is the product P.C.M diagram (that is, the process coordination chart). It can be seen from the diagram that the stamping datum and the inspection datum of the product are basically distributed in the corresponding position of the product. For the full inspection of the $% & * pressure piece, a standard pad with a specified thickness must be added to the product to be placed on the main specimen of the fixture, and the vertical distance of the standard block thickness is maintained by any normal distance (clearance) between the lower plane of the product and the upper plane of the main body. According to this characteristic, we should first design the main body. The size of the edge points on the surface of the main form should be the same as the nominal size (shape size) of the product, and its tolerance value should be 2~3 higher than the shape tolerance of the stamping parts. The side of the main form is perpendicular to the bending angle of the product, and the product is located on the main body of the main body with the selected machining hole (or the product itself). Process hole) is the benchmark, so that the standard hole of the product can be checked first. According to the requirements of the P.C.M diagram, each clamping device is arranged according to the ordinal number and is fixed to the appropriate position on the side of the main body by joint agglomeration. The mating insert for checking the fluctuation of product tolerance is also fixed on the side of the main body. An arbitrary curved surface is an important part of the design. It is set in the position defined by the X, Y, and Z coordinates on the body according to the P.C.M diagram or the specific requirements of the user. According to the needs of the test, some detection accessories are properly configured, and a test bench is designed to support the shape and other detection parts, and the rigidity is better and smooth. Figure 3 is a comprehensive fixture map.


Ya9 -- Ninth auxiliary welding and welding inspection criteria for Y direction

Y2 - that is to say, it is not only the inspection standard for Y welding and welding parts, but also the benchmark of stamping parts.

The manufacture of 2. checker

In order to ensure the quality of the fixture, we must pay attention to the following problems in the process of checking fixture.

(1) the main body is the core part of the fixture, and its machining quality is the key to its application. The main form material is made of alloy aluminum, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. When machining on a numerical control profiling milling machine, it is necessary to consider the dimension of the normal space between the shape surface of the main form and the corresponding surface, which is in line with the thickness of the standard block, and the main shape surface is 10 to 15mm and the side of the shape. The machined roughness should not be less than Ra1.6 mu m.


1. arbitrary curved surface specimen 2. section model 3. standard compactor 4. main inspection body 5. locating hole core 6. checking fixture accessory box 7. detecting insert 8. working platform

(2) every arbitrary surface specimen should be processed strictly. When the scaffold is assembled on the inspection platform, it must be adjusted to make it in the exact coordinate position, and keep the distance between the lower form surface of the arbitrary curved plate and the upper surface of the main form to keep the space between any corresponding positions (that is equal to a given value). The nominal value of the gauge given in the design is two standard pad thickness plus product thickness, so that special plug gauge can be used for inspection.

Operation of 3. checker

(1) draw up the inspection process plan according to the product P.C.M diagram procedure, confirm the inspection procedure.

(2) before removing the main specimen, the burr should be removed and the accuracy of the location core should be checked first after putting the main body into shape.

(3) after the product is successfully placed in the positioning hole core on the main form, the serial number compactor is sequentially fixed to the main form, and the product is pressed (the product is taken up by the standard pad on the main form).

(4) insert the special plug gauge into the holes on the product and the holes in the corresponding positions of the main inspection body to check whether the holes and cores are in the qualified range.

(5) check the vertical fluctuation of the size of the product and the main inspection body by the special gauge, and check the horizontal fluctuation of the dimension of the edge of the product by using the insert block with the side of the main form.

(6) check the depth and shape of the pressing parts of the products with special inspection boards, and check the clearance with the feeler gauge, so as to determine the quality of the products.

(7) the quality status of the cross section is determined by the use of special plug gauge to check the distance between the shape surface of the product and the point of the shape surface of the inspection plate by using a special gauge.

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