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Precision and positioning principle of automobile jig

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Precision and positioning principle of automobile jig

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First, the positioning accuracy of the main locating pin is + 0.25mm, and the machining accuracy is -0.05mm.

The tolerance of the second point fixture datum to all fixtures in the vertical direction is equal to + 0.25mm..

The tolerance between the locating hole and the locating hole on the third point horizontal plane is + 0.05mm, and the roughness is 1.6um.

The fourth point is that the tolerance of all positioning holes and datum is + 0.05mm, and the roughness is 1.6um.

The accuracy between the fifth datum planes is allowed to be + 0.1mm, and the accuracy between the measuring surfaces is allowed to be 0.2mm.

The accuracy of the sixth point turnover mechanism is 0.2 (200).

The seventh point is to use three coordinates to detect the manufacturing accuracy of the fixture, and fill in the inspection record with the equipment inspection record.

First, the positioning point is the same as the design datum, the positioning hole used in the positioning pin must have the corresponding precision requirements, and it must be both the datum of stamping and the benchmark of inspection and inspection, so as to ensure the unification of the design datum of the welding and the design datum of the product, so as to reduce the design error and the convenient analysis error. The reason.

Second, the fixture with the logical relationship between the upper and lower processes, the design of the positioning datum must be unified in the process, and requires the unification of the positioning datum of the mold and the inspection tool.

Third, try to avoid areas with complex changes in pits or surfaces so as to avoid the instability of the finished products from the instability of the stamping parts.

Fourth, in order to ensure the use of safety, when the clamp is in the clamping state, it should be able to lock itself; the clamp should be open to the limit, the open angle should not be too large, generally less than 135o, special exceptions.

Fifthly, when the clamping face of the chuck is inclined, the limit block must be installed at the chuck arm.

When it is six, with the clamp positioning welding, the positioning block must be installed in the clamp arm under the condition of the positioning pin and the inclined pressure surface. The accurate positioning after positioning, otherwise the accurate positioning of the chuck will not be guaranteed.

Seventh, the clamping force of manual chuck is generally equal to 50Kg.f.

Eight, the length of the manual operation handle should be suitable. When the clamp is opened, the position of the handle should be above the horizontal plane.

Nine, the order of fixture operation should be specified on the handle.

Its ten, all supporting positioning points, under the condition of effective compaction, must ensure that the workpiece is positioned fully and reliably, and the workpiece does not deform and move.

Its eleven, clamping should not damage the surface quality of the workpiece. When clamping thin wall stamping parts, measures should be taken to restrict clamping force, enlarge the contact area of chuck, and increase copper and aluminum gaskets.

Twelve, when the collet has a locating pin or a clamping part without a supporting point, a limited bit block must be installed at the chuck arm.

Thirteen, in the welding area far away from the positioning clamping point, auxiliary supporting clamping points should be added to reduce the unqualified finished products caused by welding deformation.

Fourteen. There must be enough welding channels for welding clamps or welding guns in the design of supporting clamping points near welding points. For arc welding equipment, there must be a corresponding anti splash device to protect the supporting clamping surface and prolong the service life of the welding fixture.

Fifteen, the force point of the fixture should be located at the support of the workpiece and the positioning point near the support. It is necessary to prevent the force and the clamping force, support the force and the force formed by the force, and cause the deformation of the workpiece.

Sixteen, when the inclined plane is pressed, there must be a gap adjusting piece in two directions. When the plane is pressed, there must be a gap adjustment piece under the vertical surface.

Its seventeen, the diameter of the positioning pin through the surface of the workpiece on the surface 3~5mm, for the positioning of a workpiece two benchmark pins, in principle, a circular pin, and a diamond pin.

Eighteen, the positioning blocks on the outer surface of the positioning parts are nylon or polyamine resin, so as to prevent damage to the surface of the workpiece.

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Contact: Lu Chunrong

Phone: 0513-81733686


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Address: 22 groups of Peach Village, Chengnan street, Rugao, Nantong.

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