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How to measure the automobile sheet metal inspection equipment

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How to measure the automobile sheet metal inspection equipment

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1. Overview of automobile inspection equipment:

The inspection tool is the abbreviation of the on-line inspection and inspection fixture for stamping parts and weldments, and has the same meaning as the sample rack mentioned in other versions. The checking tool is a testing tool specially manufactured according to the specific requirements of the buyer. The surface of the fixture must be machined according to the CAD data of the parts, which can reflect all the parameters of the parts and conduct qualitative testing of the parts. For some very important functional dimensions of parts, numerical testing can also be carried out by checking fixture. It should also have the function of measuring stents, but when the on-line inspection function and the function of the measuring bracket can not be met at the same time, the on-line detection function of the detector should be met first.

The design, manufacture and acceptance of fixture shall be based on product drawings and master models (or CAD data). When the parts have no master model (or CAD data), they should be based on product drawings and samples approved by the buyers.

Under normal frequency and good maintenance condition, it is necessary to ensure that the fixture has the same service life as its corresponding calender mold and welding fixture.

Considerations before the inspection is made (five points):

1. the accuracy and accuracy of the finished product.

2. the degree of importance and the method of confirmation for the requirement of precision.

3. the finished product should be considered in the stamping process.

4. use considerations (convenient, lightweight, fast).

5. the whole structure is strong and not deformed.


Three. Introduction of inspection equipment:

1. purpose:

Inspection of parts shape, edge reduction, broken line and hole position.

2. the use of materials:

A, outline (shape) surface: large and medium stamping parts: made of Machinable resin material (resin with good surface and wear resistance); small stamping parts: aluminum alloy or steel or processing resin material (resin with good surface and wear resistance); inspection sample and other: iron or resin.

B, inspection tool skeleton: large and medium stamping parts: body and segmented body: 1) resin - resin with good surface and wear resistance, and then full strength after glass fiber reinforcement. 2) steel. Small stamping parts: aluminum alloy

C, reinforcing structure: the steel pipe - the foot frame is round, the outer diameter is more than 1cm, the shape of the base square tube is above 25 x 25mm. After the completion of the steel pipe structure, proper heat treatment should be given to eliminate the internal stress. The structure of the inspection tool should have sufficient strength, and no bending deformation should be produced under normal use.

D, reference block: large and medium stamping parts: steel plate or steel plate with resin; small stamping parts: aluminum alloy.

3. painting:

A, after the completion of the inspection, the inspection tool body and the foot frame to carry out the painting operation: check the nature of the division of the operation (part of the body): zero contact surface: white; clearance inspection surface: 3mm gap (shape) green; 1mm gap surface (hole position) red; non inspection area: green.

B, appearance coating: the feet and body of the checking fixture should be blue or customer requirements.

Four. The manufacturing process of the inspection tool:

A, production preparation:

1. understand the manufacturing process requirements, quality requirements and speed requirements after receiving the tasks.

2. understand the inventory of raw materials needed for manufacturing the master model.

3. understand all kinds of equipment.

B.Trial drawing:

C, take blank:

1. the simple surface with foam board, according to the drawing hand to get the blank, the small surface of the working surface to stay 6-8mm, large and large 8-12MM, negative processing allowance, mark coordinates, after inspection brush stripping agent (high speed grease);

The 2. complex surface, according to the size of the product map, the good wool billet and the coordinate line, can be processed by the numerical control processing.

D, filled with processable resin: LY-15, a: white clay. Part B: red brown mud like, proportionally prepared; a: 2:1, 1:0.8 is stirred by a blender; before dressing, it should be rubbed again (strengthening density, reducing gas hole), and the compacting thickness of dressing is 30-40mm (including processing allowance).

E, the support skeleton production:

1. small main model surface pipe selection 12, large and medium size 16 steel pipe, the surface pipe should be arranged along the shape, the grid spacing 150-200mm, and the 30-40mm from the periphery.

2. the base frame is connected with steel pipe or hollow square steel at 45 degree angles. The parallelism and the verticality tolerance of the adjacent two corners are equal to + 2mm, the distance between the cross gears is 350-400mm, and the distance between the gears is 450-500mm.

3. support tube flat welding or grinding wheel at both ends of the support pipe, welding with the support surface after bonding, and welding 80 x 80 x 10mm reference frame and lifting device, and using CO2 protection welding full welding, each pipe drill hole of 3-5 rows of holes, aging treatment. After finishing the aging process, use the sand grinder to finish the welding and smooth the excess solder joints.

F, the connection of the machinable resin of the skeleton and the surface: the adhesive material is proportionately prepared (LY-15 requires the same type material). After mixing, the gap between the surface pipe and the type fabric is filled, and the thickness of the type surface is embedded in the thickness of the adhesive material 10-15mm.

G, making false benchmarks: the 30 x 50 x 25mm plate or wood blocks are evenly bonded to the bottom frame, and the height and flat shovel is leveled (large numerical control milling and milling), and the thickness of the square steel is 20mm.

H, datum: 1. material LY-10 a black paste, group B pale yellow liquid. A: B =100:15, in the measuring ruler platform, the reference block and foam board are enclosed in 100 x 100 x 25 base slot in accordance with the reference position, and the demoulding agent is painted. Then the main model benchmark skeleton is found, falling into the square groove and sealed well; 2. the base material (a set of material should be fully stirred and evenly stirred before use). Proportionally stir evenly, pouring into the square slot, after 24-48 hours curing, marked X, Y, Z reference value, map number, to send CNC milling.

I, surface repair: after numerical control processing, according to the detection point of the test point of the test product map provided by electrical calculation, confirm that the size is basically meet the requirements, the data and the product in the rear can be refined.

J, surface treatment: after finishing the surface, the surface treatment is made with epoxy resin to make the surface of the surface of the needle fill and make up the surface strength. The epoxy resin is thin and uniform, and the sand paper is solidified after curing. The surface of the working surface must be clear.

K, paint, play signs: metal skeleton brush paint according to the color required by the user, draw the sign and coordinate sign, draw 100-200 coordinates grid line, draw out the hole position line, repair the border line and smear the black mark boundary.

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