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    Nantong Rong Ming Checking Fixture Co., Ltd. is located in the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta and the famous historical and cultural city of Jiangsu Province, Rugao city. It is a national regional tourism demonstration area, the national 100 County, developed economically. It is close to the coastline, with Shanghai and Nanjing in two hours, and the traffic is very convenient and the geographical position is good.

Our company is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of automobile inspection tools. The company has advanced CAD/CAM/CAE system, a large number of large Longmen processing centers, large precision level Edward three coordinates and other equipment, with the ability to design and manufacture a variety of complex inspection tools. The company has long been serving Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, general motors, Ford, TOYOTA, Honda and other auto companies...

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  • Classification and accept... 2018-07-06

    Comprehensive inspection tool is a simple tool for industrial production enterprises to control the various dimensions o...

  • The methods and steps of ... 2018-06-07

     1, the body small stamping parts inspection mainly consists of the floor assembly, inspection, cross section, main and...

  • How should the vehicle ch... 2018-06-07

    In order to ensure that there are no major problems in your vehicle inspection products, good maintenance can improve ef...

  • The function of automobil... 2018-06-07

    With the popularization and application of various welding processes in China, the automobile welding fixture and fixtur...

  • Cause of formation of ads... 2018-06-07

    1 performance of "adsorbed particles" and their impact on product qualityThere are more and more methods for t...

  • Precision and positioning... 2018-07-06

    First, the positioning accuracy of the main locating pin is + 0.25mm, and the machining accuracy is -0.05mm.The toleranc...

  • General rules for design ... 2018-07-06

    The first point, the design of welding fixture is designed to meet the requirements of the welding process. The fixture ...

  • Management and maintenanc... 2018-07-06

    In some large and medium-sized machinery processing enterprises, it is very inconvenient to measure the size of some par...

  • Guiding role of CNC Longm... 2018-07-06

    The CNC Longmen milling machine products are constantly updated and the whole machine tool industry is upgrading and cha...

  • The common cutting and mi... 2018-07-06

    The commonly used cutting and milling methods in automobile die processing are mainly as follows:1. High incoming millin...

  • Why do more and more manu... 2018-07-06

    If a manufacturing enterprise wants to process high quality and high precision products, it must undergo strict inspecti...

  • How to measure the automo... 2018-07-06

    1. Overview of automobile inspection equipment:The inspection tool is the abbreviation of the on-line inspection and ins...

  • What is the difference be... 2018-07-06

    The three coordinate detector is the guiding mechanism, the length measuring element and the digital display device in t...

  • Factors affecting the acc... 2018-07-06

    In addition to the error caused by the three coordinate measuring machine itself, there are many factors that may affect...

  • What is the difference be... 2018-07-06

    From the two aspects of structure and use, we will analyze the difference between the three coordinate measuring instrum...

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